Thursday, November 20, 2008


Flash Gordon was a very mediocre movie blending bad 70s with bad 80s. This title prompted my memory of the sound of Queen singing in high falsetto chorus "Flash! Fla-ash!"

A while back, I tried to emulate Rolf Wetzell's Chess Master At Any Age. I discussed it in this post. I even wrote a computer program in C# to help me make nice flashcards.

I've spent a couple days back at Chess Tempo. Since I've missed 20 of the last 50 problems (and my rating has plummeted), I decided to try to solidify the learning by making a flashcard of each missed problem.

Here is a pdf file of my efforts to date, generated by my chess flashcard program. Going over some of the older flashcards, I remembered a Python-inspired title that could lead to another Python-themed post. See if you can spot it.

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Unknown said...

Hi Ernie, I decided to blog again, but on a limited basis. And you can only get to my blog by clicking on my responses, the header where it says, "Eric Shoemaker says..."

The Reno blogosphere, as you put it is now dead with only yourself and the drunkenknight. That can't be right, so I will blog some more, at least until I leave sometime in July or August. Later if I happen to be in the Final Matches.