Thursday, November 1, 2007

TPS Report #1

I've resolved to set forth and try to stick to a chess improvement regimen. Here is my training program:

For full game study, annotate my own games and read The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games.

For tactics, Chess Tactics Server and Chess Visualization Training.

For endgames, GM-RAM and Practical Chess Endings.

For planning and calculation, Perfect Your Chess.

For all around training, Dvoretsky’s Instructor series at

As always, the biggest reason for my past failures to stick to the program is my personal deadly chess sin, Sloth. I’m going to try to make regular Training Progress Status Reports, or TPS Reports, in honor of Office Space.

My first TPS Report:
Reached 10,113 Tries on Chess Tactics Server and pulled my Rating up to 1590 with 85.0% Success.
Reached 1799 points on Chess Visualization Training.
Annotated two of six games from WSO2007.


Robert Pearson said...

Ernie, TPS Reports sound like a great idea, I'm going to do one as well!

BTW, the "Office Space" link needs to be fixed.

Robert Pearson said...

Update--all the links are bad. They all have the Soapstone's Studio url first, then the actual link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wahrheit. I didn't know that quotes in link tags caused the program to choke.