Thursday, November 29, 2007

TPS Report #6

After finishing my 1078th problem on Chess Tempo, pushed my Standard rating up to 1909 (accuracy 76.7%), and my Blitz rating up to 2377 (accuracy up to 71.5%). I also got up to second on the 12-hour Activity list as you see. drunknknite has also been there eclipsing me for a while until time ticked his results off the list.

I tried Chess Position Trainer again a couple nights ago and discovered more of its strengths. I put in one of my shorter openings and then went into training mode. It was quite cool how it just popped up random positions from the repertoire so that I would have to use more concentration to evoke the correct move, rather than dully following the thread in ChessBase and thinking, “Yeah, yeah. I know it.” I think I will take the time to input much more of my opening repertoire and try to use it.

Started to annotate Game 6 of WSO.

If everyone at the club is okay with my proposed calendar, then major battles are coming with the class championship in January and February, followed by the preliminaries of the club championship, then there’s Far West Open 2008 in late March, and finally the club championship.


drunknknite said...

I was trying to get over 2500 in blitz but I can't do it...


Anonymous said...

At one point, I had a 2419 rating in Blitz problems on Chess Tempo, 2 points higher than yours at the time. But I couldn't leave well enough alone and promptly plummeted to 2300 before pushing back to the mid-2300s. Some days, I'm crazy good on these tactics servers or in online games, but those seem to be separated by longer and longer periods of sluggish thoughts.