Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alekhine's Gun Finally Backfires

The third time was the charm. In my last two games featuring a tripling of the heavy pieces, the gun has worked for me although there were anxious moments that my opponent could have taken advantage of. In this game, I was on the barrel end, but luckily, this time, the finger in the barrel trick worked.

You'll notice that Elmer Fudd is dressed as a bunny and it's Bugs who's getting the brunt of the blast. I could only find this picture on the web in which the roles were reversed after Fudd had a mental breakdown, perhaps after playing too much chess.

Traditionally, Alekhine's gun has the queen behind the two rooks (shotgun shells). I have taken liberties with the definition of Alekhine's gun in that the queen hasn't always been behind the two rooks, which is also the case in this game where the queen is in the middle. I found a way to take advantage of the fact that the queen makes poor ammunition.

My opponent played well, avoiding mistakes for well into the game. But at the critical moment, when the game was building to exf4, he made a succession of mistakes that played right into my advantage.

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