Monday, December 17, 2007

Two Dogs Can't Overcome Stupidity

Lest it look like I'm starting to repeat myself, the title is a modification of my earlier post on a two bishops versus rook endgame. This time it's one of my own games where I put a lot of unfounded faith in my two bishops and began playing recklessly. Funny, two other Reno bloggers, charging king and pale rider (now Shoemaker's Hidden Study) blogged of loss of concentration.

George and I have played each other 24 times now with 2 draws and 22 decisive games. I currently have the edge with 12 wins to his 10. But he's got the latest shot, good revenge for my previous win.

I don't want to take away any due credit from George. When the position called for good moves, he made them. But he was the first to point out that I had beaten myself and it wasn't until I went back to look at the turning points that I clearly saw my stupidity.

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drunknknite said...

Tough loss. It certainly appears that the extra pawn will not play a factor, but as your initiative slows to a halt it is clear that you do not have adequate compensation. The move Qc1 is interesting to me, I have noticed that these small moves (switching the color that the queen is on) are very powerful.