Monday, December 17, 2007

TPS Report #8

After finishing my 1,839th problem on Chess Tempo, pulled my Standard rating up to 2049 (81.27% correct, 13th highest active Standard rating), at one point getting 31 in a row correct. #12 and #11 are only 30 and 44 points away, but to break into top ten, I have to get 135 more points. I’ve struggled to stay near the mid-2000s, as you can see in the big crater on my uphill slope of progress.

Annotated two of my three club games since the Western States.

Did only one Perfect Your Chess exercise, #8 and totally missed the point. On the other hand, I mostly nailed an exercise in a book at the bookstore that I forget the title of.

Haven't looked at any master games lately. Perhaps will shift to trying to understand masters who currently play openings I'm interested in.

Haven't looked at GM-RAM or Chess Endings, but at least I did some analyses of other endgames.

Haven't kept up with Dvoretsky.

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